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Maharashtra Mandal of Detroit(MMD) is a non-profit Organization was established in 1977 for convening Marathi speaking people from Maharashtra, India; who reside in the Detroit area. The goal of the organization is to foster vibrant Marathi cultural heritage. MMD provides a platform for its members to showcase their cultural talent that helps spread the values across the membership and others in metro Detroit area.

MMD has a special focus on promoting youth of our community. Its Youth committee is very active in promoting social activities including volunteering at various Detroit area organizations such as Gleaners, and Forgotten Harvest. Since last few years MMD has promoted participation Detroit Freepress marathon, which helps promote a social cause as well as motivation through training sessions.

This year MMD plans to promote Youth of our community to participate in advanced level of activities such as designing of web-site, attending to motivational and entrepreneurial sessions. This will help youth of our community to not only foster the cultural aspects of our community, but also learn to prosper in the United States, the land of opportunity.

Today’s MMD is an action-oriented, engagement-focused organization that has worked hard to generate and sustain member interest by developing an ambitious financial model through sponsor-solicitation as well as revenue generation through quality programming. We have also created a stable and enthusiastic volunteer base.

Today, MMD has over 350 member families and number of 903 members and organizes around 15-20 programs during the year. Our annual budget has grown every year in the past five years and strategically MMD has balanced its revenue sources with focus on membership revenue growth (the most popular membership amount is $120 for a couple), generating sponsorship funds,and growing gate money through popular and quality programming.

Team work has been a consistent strength of MMD. The growth in the number of committee members is not accidental. Each successive year, the number of committee members has increased from about 30 to 80 members enabling us to execute many big and small events that utilize and enrich member’s skills and interests.

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